Melksham station surveys were carried out on 45 trains covering 1,546 passenger journeys and 194 survey forms completed.

Volunteer hours had an equivalent value of £1,064.

Top four journey improvements requested were passenger information, toilets, more train seats and bus connections.

The preiminary results of the survey have been discussed with GWR. 

The passenger information help point will be upgraded as a priority. The WiFi link is being upgraded from 2G to 4G technology.

Train seating capacity will double from Jan 2nd 2018 with the introduction of 2 car trains from the electrification cascade.

The survey is informing the Melksham Station master plan and toilets is recognised as a priority.

We are promoting improved Rail-Bus connections and proposals have been made as part of a consultation process in advance of tendering for future Melksham bus services linking with Melksham station.

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