Rail Minister Paul Maynard has today (2nd March 2017) travelled on a special train service to mark the role of community rail and celebrate the Designation Service status awarded to TransWilts by the Minister. GWR arranged for the train to travel from Swindon to Salisbury along the proposed extended route to Southampton Airport. GWR included a stop at the proposed site of a new Wilton Parkway station. The station would serve as a park and ride to Salisbury, serve Wilton and new housing developments. There would be a shuttle bus connection to Stonehenge Visitor Centre just 7 miles away.


To see the full press release see here 

 Train at Wilton s

Train at Wilton Parkway site

Train at Salisbury line s

 Train heads towards Salisbury as the Exeter line joins

at the pedestrian bridge point on the Erskin Barracks site.


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