Corsham have formed a Gateway Town Team with business funding to actively pursue Corsham Station in conjunction with the emerging Corsham Masterplan and Atkins Feasibility Report December 2015.

Corsham Community Area had 21,000 population at 2011 census with forecast population 23,300 in 2026. With 15.6% growth compared to the Wiltshire average of 9.6% it is the sixth densest community area population in Wiltshire.

Potential rail services to serve Corsham could be quickly provided by an extension of the MetroWest Phase1 to 
Chippenham and providing a turn back there, at a vacant platform, becoming a regional interchange whilst providing a passing loop for high speed trains.

The service to Chippenham is a much shorter travel time and consequently lower operating cost than the current proposal for terminating the MetroWest service at Westbury or Trowbridge. The latter proposal merely adding to the existing services to Westbury from Bath.
The addition of Corsham Station would add £1.4m pa ticket revenue to the MetroWest income. A Corsham Station would significantly reduce traffic congestion into Bath from the East.

The connection would serve Bath Spa students potentially 2,000-3,000 travelling to Corsham Campus, this would according to Atkins add a further £0.2m pa ticket revenue.

Regular bus services would connect Box and outlying villages to serve Corsham Station. The MetroWest extension could support a station stop at Bathampton to serve local residents as a rail connection into Bath, plus provide an alternative connection for high speed services to London at Chippenham avoiding congested Bath Station.

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