Corsham Station

Corsham has been campaigning for reinstatement of their station, which is on the Bristol Temple Meads to London line between Bath and Chippenham. The problem is identifying a stopping service to serve the station now electrification provides a faster London service timetable. Linking Bristol with the East-West line is one long term option. Please view our recent presentation here

Chippenham station survey

TransWilts and Chippenham Rail User Group (CHRUG) volunteers carried out a passenger and station survey during the last week of January between 28th-30th January and on 2nd February.

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TransWilts Performance Issues

Our service performance levels are provided by GWR on a rolling 4 week basis. Passenger Performance Measure and Cancellations are displayed on a rolling 12 month basis (13x4 weeks).Read more

December 2019 Timetable

TransWilts have made responses against the December 2019 timetable draft. GWR expect to hear back from Network Rail in June 2019 regarding the timetable and GWR have our proposals to review Read more

Stonehenge & Wilton Junction

The case is strengthening for a station at the site of the existing bus park and ride at Wilton. An Atkins Phase 2 report was issued 19th June 2018 (download here), which provided economic scenarios Read more

Melksham Station Hub

TransWilts have submitted planning permission for car parking and a community café at Melksham Station. The plan to lease the vacant Reed’s site from Wiltshire Council is Phase 1 Read more

GO-OP service proposals 2020

The open access proposals from Go-OP have changed to a rail route Taunton – Nuneaton. The route would provide two train sets, calling at all TransWilts stations Swindon, Chippenham, Melksham, Read more

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