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FRIENDS of TransWilts Policy

Our TransWilts objective is to carry on activities which encourage and promote increasing usage of public and sustainable transport for the benefit of people living in, working in or visiting Wiltshire County. In particular we represent the interests of local transport users including rail, bus, cycle and other transport related special interest groups in Swindon and Wiltshire, promoting improved connectivity between local services and national networks.

  • Friends receive regular events notifications by email, newsletters and invitations to attend all TransWilts events.
  • Friends have exclusive password admission to the Friends Page on the web site, which includes Friends only newsletters (current & archive) and Friends only news/events items.
  • Friends are subscribing members of the CIC, are entitled to vote at the AGM and to serve as a director. The CIC is a company limited by guarantee and a subscribing member's guarantee, (only exercised in the event of the company being in administration), is limited to a nominal £1. Friends not wishing to be a subscribing member can advise the Friends Secretary, by email or in writing, advising they do not wish to be included on the subscribing members register.
  • Friends have an interest in public transport in Wiltshire and agree to support TransWilts CIC, its Policies and Objectives
  • Individual “paid-up” Friends are insured whilst on CRP volunteering activities, subject to all relevant health and safety policy and CRP guidelines being followed.
  • Subscription year is 1st November to 31st October
  • New Friends joining in August, September and October get their membership subscription validity extended to 31st October of the following year.
  • Friends need to renew their subscription by November 30th to continue membership and access to benefits, otherwise a further rejoining fee will be required.
  • Past Friends details will be retained for a reasonable period according to current Board policies, to facilitate CIC administration and processing returning Friends applications. (see also our data protection policy)
  • Refer to the About Us page for current policies

Individual Subscription

• inc electronic newsletters
• optional additional cost of £3.50 for posted newsletters

£5 per year £2 joining fee

Student Subscription

• inc electronic newsletters
• optional additional cost of £3.50 for posted newsletters

£2 per year £2 joining fee

Corporate Subscription

• inc posted newsletters

£15 per year £2 joining fee

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