We are delighted to announce that our £60,000 bid to GWR CCIF round 2 was successful. Matched funding totalling £10,000 was supplied equally by Melksham Area Board, Melksham Town Council and Melksham Without Council.

The grant builds on the preliminary work carried out with last year's £6,000 and the matched funding provided by Wiltshire Council, Melksham Town Council, Melksham Area Board and Melksham Without Council. A Melksham Station Masterplan will be developed with the funding, including considering the pedestrian access to the station and the various issues arising from the increasing number of passengers using Melksham Station.

Passenger numbers have grown five fold and the platform length is being increased by Network Rail from one to three cars by 2019. The grant will enable Atkins consultants to explore the design options at Melksham station taking into account future growth and the increasing access issues arising from the current passenger growth. The study will build on the initial feasibility study carried out last year on a northern pedestrian/cycle access linking to Foundry Close.

We expect the study work to be completed in 2017 early 2018, which will then provide the basis for future applications for construction scheme funding.

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ACoRP £2,400 Grant Award for Melksham Station Business Plan

TransWilts has been awarded a £2,400 grant from the Designated Community Rail Development Fund (DCRDF) for the production of a business plan for vacant land at Melksham Station.

As a designated line, TransWilts has access to funding from the Department of Transport administered by the Association of Community Rail Partnerships (ACoRP).

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Live Departures TransWilts App launched

This free app has been designed locally especially with Wiltshire’s and our TransWilts train users in mind. We’re bringing you GWR’s latest and up to the minute departure information directly to your phone or laptop.

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Melksham Station passenger growth continues

Melksham passenger numbers grew by 23% last year to  74,666. This growth rate is substantially above the rest of the GWR region. In total the Melksham passenger growth is 676% since the TransWilts service started in December 2013.

Preliminary Melksham Survey Results

Melksham station surveys were carried out on 45 trains covering 1,546 passenger journeys and 194 survey forms completed.

Volunteer hours had an equivalent value of £1,064.

Top four journey improvements requested were passenger information, toilets, more train seats and bus connections.

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Capacity doubles with 2-car operation from 2nd January 18

We are delighted that GWR have confirmed 2 car operation from the 2nd January 18 timetable.

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