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ACoRP National Awards

ACoRP National awards will be held Thursday 29th September in Southport

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Upgrading the Severn Tunnel 12 to 21 October 2016

From Monday 12 September to Friday 21 October 2016 the Severn Tunnel will be closed. This will result in no trains between Patchway and Severn Tunnel junction, with London services diverted and buses replacing trains between Newport and Bristol to see full information click here

The Proposed Network

Our organisation takes a Wiltshire-wide view as well as developing and supporting the TransWilts Rail Line. The north-south TransWilts line is the coordinating link joining Wiltshire’s train routes and communities. Expansion of the through service from Swindon beyond Westbury to Salisbury and to Southampton Airport is a priority for us in the new Great Western franchise 2015 to 2019 and in the next SWT franchise from 2017.

Two new stations are in our 2020 service campaign: 

The opening of Wilton Parkway will provide a P&R service to Salisbury, connections to London Waterloo and Southampton Airport. Also serving Stonehenge's international and national visitor growth. The Wilton station would be just 7 miles from the visitor centre. See the station page for the proposals and illustrations.

Corsham serving the growing digital economy in the town. See the Corsham Station page for 2015 survey results, 98% of 715 replies would use the proposed station. A regional service is needed to serve the station. By 2019 an extension of the Bristol Metro system to Chippenham 3rd platform is an option with a new passing loop at Chippenham. 



increase in Melksham station passenger journeys in two years and still growing in 2015


new stations central to our 2020 regional network proposal


Transwilts passenger journeys forecast in 2015

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